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Welcome to JENPET Music & Media.

More than just another independent record label, JENPET is a forward-thinking media group presenting the finest in new music. Inspired by classic labels such as Sun Records, CTI and Apple Records, the JENPET philosophy is based on quality first. Great music is and always has been great, and we recognize that an intelligent audience avoids being pigeonholed into meaningless "demographics" by appreciating fine music, irrespective of the musical genre.

Among JENPET's growing roster are the roots-oriented Chelle & Friends!, rockers ARIEL, the tropical pulse of Michael Sea & Island Fever and the surf sounds of The Aquaphobics.

Led by Michelle Jacques, CHELLE! & Friends commemorates the music of Mardi Gras, New Orleans, and celebrates it’s Creole people and their remarkable music weaving the flavors of blues, jazz, R&B and a touch of traditional spirituals into a rich texture that lifts the spirit with emotional and soulful vocal/instrumental performances.

ARIEL's song-oriented rock combines straight-ahead styles such as blues, soul and jazz with a rock edge and meaningful lyrics that speak on multiple levels. ARIEL's music has been described as having the comfortable feel of classic rock songs you've always loved.

Micheal Sea & Island Fever have been performing songs with a tropical/nautical theme for the past 25 years. Their new CD is Stealing Coconuts. The third studio offering from these tropical troubadours is a delight of musical stylings that both navigates familiar territory and explores uncharted waters.

Spanish language songstress ÓPAL makes her American debut with the CD “Pienso Distinto.” This talented singer/songwriter from Barcelona along with producer/co-writer “V Rock” have crafted a disc that’s a pop tour de force and ÓPAL is sure to capture the hearts and ears of American audiences just as she has in Spain.

The Roving Tars are raucous bunch of musicians and singers that bring to life images of the sea, ships and, of course, pirates! Their debut CD “A Sailor’s Life” features 20 sparkling performances of traditional and not-so-traditional airs that pay fitting tribute to a life of the sea.

The Aquaphobics define surf music for the new millenium, effectively doing to beach music what Spinal Tap did to heavy metal. Coming your way in Summer 2010, The Aquaphobics offer a musical experience that's truly unforgettable.

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New Releases

Voodooville CD Cover

VOODOOVILLE, the new CD by
CHELLE! & Friends

Ask 20 people how to define the music of New Orleans and you’ll get 30 answers. It could be jazz, funk, soul, Cajun or Creole—or gospel, Caribbean, African, Zydeco, rock or the chants and stirring rhythms of Mardi Gras Indians. In creating this album, New Orleans native Michelle Jacques (and some very special friends) took these influences and a few more, all stirred into this stewpot of musical gumbo that’s sweet, spicy, aromatic and definitely intoxicating. Thoroughly original, yet familiar at the same time, Chelle! and Friends combines the talents of four world-class vocalists and top-flight instrumentalists. Any Chelle! and Friends performance—live or studio—is like Mardi Gras itself—joyous, energetic and an unforgettable experience. And this disc is no exception, as it walks through swamp pop classics such as “Hey Pocky Way” and “Wang Dang Doodle” before delivering what is perhaps the most amazing version of “Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans” ever recorded—a song that’s far more poignant in light of recent events. Then from that depth of emotion, we’re lifted up with “Fire Water” and “See You Later Alligator” before being thrust into the title track, which emphasizes “there ain’t no getting out of Voodooville,” blended with the infectious rhythms and mystic images that to this day still haunt the Vieux Carre. Despite its name, “Pearly Gates” is anything but gospel, and concludes the album like a glass of fine cognac after a great meal.

VOODOOVILLE 5.1 Surround DVD to be released Sept. 24. Check to order.